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30.05.2023 10:16 pm   What is your favorite plugin ?

  in order of least terribleness:
fl patcher
dr octo rex

  You also said there would be a new song last month !

  i did, but the electric video and the next song had vacation days and could not write and produce themselves

30.05.2023 3:19 am   shall we amount to something?

  if it's ok with the council

27.05.2023 9:58 pm   when's the next [orchard phobia] song

  further away than i'd like

27.05.2023 6:31 pm   you... you DO answer every question, right?


26.05.2023 10:42 pm   did I spoil anything too much in the previous two questions

  spoil what

26.05.2023 10:44 pm   Ooh! Ooh! What about converting images to spectrograms? What do you think of that?

  images already are spectrograms if you squint hard enough

26.05.2023 8:47 pm   25.05.2023 11:22 pm
are any of the aforementioned things going to be useful soon?


25.05.2023 11:22 pm   do you know about any of the following:

- caesar ciphers
- atbash ciphers
- ascii ciphers (and their two flavors: hex and octal)
- base64 encodings
- base32 encodings
- morse code
- braille


25.05.2023 8:07 pm   can you enable downloading on Newgrounds?

  i can and i'm pretty sure i did. i only just had the copyright problems solved by none other than tom fulp himself so everything should be up there now.

22.05.2023 10:12 pm   you wanna make a Newgrounds account and upload your songs there?

  i can certainly try.

19.05.2023 1:32 am   kys

  great question. i ran it past google and it wants you to find help

18.05.2023 3:27 pm   How long do you spend on things

  it depends. mostly on the thing

14.05.2023 2:47 am   How's life as a square cube?

  it's, troubling, to say the least

17.04.2023 7:03 pm   why was your website down

  it was lost in a cornfield. i apologize and have added new files to extras to make up for it

02.04.2023 8:26 am   are you trying to be reasonable, and/or sensible?

  i'm just trying to get by. sometimes there's no other choice

25.03.2023 10:06 pm   what's the first letter of the name of the song you're making

  T, but that's for the most likely candidate. I have about 4 at the moment.

19.03.2023 7:48 pm   what's the ETA for the next song?

  this month

  are you working on one now?


02.03.2023 2:53 am   The "hat trick" video is real funny. Was that intended?

  it wasn't exactly not intended

01.03.2023 9:28 am   anything at all

  ah, i understand

28.02.2023 4:45 am   hi


25.02.2023 3:08 pm   how fast can you sing??

  i'm not sure how i would measure that

24.02.2023 1:45 am   does the video "cube talk" have a meaning?


  i think the purple color is the "calm atmosphere", but when the cube talks about the taxes, the random crazy beeping is the sudden shock and the calm atmosphere dissapears.

  i don't think a cube would actually have to do taxes. maybe he was just trying to be relatable

23.02.2023 9:37 pm   was the "hat trick" video a comedy test?

  it was the result of being extremely excited to make a video as quickly as i could. it was uploaded the same day i wrote it.

09.02.2023 6:34 am   How long did you spend on streetwar

  i sketched it out and left it sometime last year and finished it a few weeks ago. the earliest export was in october 2022.

05.02.2023 8:19 pm   At 0:11, was that morse code in your video "cube talk"?

  that's just random crazy beeping

02.02.2023 5:09 pm   your "hat trick" video got me laughing, and laughing, and LAUGHING UNTIL I FELL DOWN THE STAIRS

  i take no responsibility for those who watch my videos at the top of stairs

  now how did THAT happen?

  it would seem that your stairs are not equipped with the latest safety features

01.02.2023 7:18 pm   how is the man stuck under the hat. did he ever escape the hat situation

  there's a whole new world under that hat. he'd prefer to stay put

30.01.2023 11:13 am   gaming

  good for the soul

01.02.2023 6:30 pm   How do you start a song

  i genuinely, truly have no clue

28.01.2023 3:55 pm   can you write the lyrics in brackets in a secret code?

  i already do. cryptographers call it "feelings"

26.01.2023 5:36 pm   can i have permission to use your songs in rhythm games?


26.01.2023 3:57 pm   do you know

  i'm an expert

16.01.2023 5:58 pm   what are the lyrics of your song "blacklight"?

  i've added them here, just for you

05.01.2023 7:16 pm   hi


04.01.2023 1:26 am   are you a

public static void main(String args[]){
//stuff here


  no, i'm a human

04.01.2023 1:24 am   how does this page work? how do you receive the questions on your side? e.g. do you use a discord webbook, mysql, e.t.c.

  one of the above

  also, how can i create a question page like you?


03.01.2023 12:51 am   who are you?

  i have no clue. i hope this answers your question